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Year 9 Parent 

My child struggled in mainstream education for many years & joining the Educate U family has made such a difference. For the first time ever my child gets the support & education they deserve. The Educated U staff have gone above & beyond to make the school a happy nurturing environment. I just hope they add a 6th form!

Luke O Keefe, Angling 4 Education 

We have been a provider of Alternative Provision for Educate U since March 2020 working in partnership to offer children flexible and inspiring timetables. The Educate U team goes above and beyond with some of the most complex and vulnerable children to ensure they get the best possible education. Staff's passion and commitment to positive outcomes for these children has been evident in all our work together. 

Year 6 Parent 

My son had been out of education for a long time so it was a big step reintegrating him back into school, but from the moment i went to look around i felt instantly at ease.

The teachers have so much understanding, patience, empathy and they really treat the children with such kindness. My boy had some initial struggles, which was expected but they worked so closely with myself to do everything in their powers to make him feel safe and secure. They have let him lead the way, listening to his worries and opinions and we have gradually worked up to him being in school full time! The opportunities the children get out in the community are amazing; swimming, horse riding, farm visits, mindfulness walks and hot chocolate at the parks. If i ever have any issues they are always there to speak to me and put my mind at ease, they really do welcome the whole family. The way the staff listen to the children and include them in the planning for their learning is also a great opportunity for the children. I cannot thank them all enough for what they have all done for us- my son finally looks forward to going to school and he is getting the education he deserves. Thank you Educate U .

Year 8 Parent 

My son started at Educate U after a long journey. Over 2 years out of education. Not fitting in or being understood.

His anxiety too high to go out and self esteem  very low.

He has been at educate u for 5 months 100% attendance and engaging with staff and pupils, making friends.

He feels excepted, understood  happy and safe which enables him to engage in education with support for both child and family. from amazing staff and strong leadership.